August 22, 2020

The Homeschool Curriculum Route-Finder Tool

In 2013, I created a database of homeschool-related curricula and resources that would eventually become The Homeschool Resource Roadmap. Then in 2015, I expanded The Roadmap's original purpose and built what would become the very detailed resource charts now housed within the site's Deluxe Charts Project and Special Projects: IND Only sections. The Roadmap currently lists and describes more than 4,800 different resource providers and, with an average of more than 7,500 page views per month, is clearly helping a lot of homeschoolers - all at no cost.

Right now anyone can visit The Roadmap - for free - and click on any section of interest to begin searching for appropriate homeschool-related resources and other helpful information. For example, if you were looking for elementary math material, you could follow a short thread to get there: Deluxe Charts Project > Ages 5-18 > Math: Elementary. And when you clicked the link for Math: Elementary, a PDF file charting all 800+ options for elementary math would open. You could view and use the chart online, download it, and/or print it out for further study.

Part of the First Page of the Math: Elementary PDF File

The Deluxe Charts Project and Special Projects: IND Only sections each detail in slightly different ways the content available to home educators in over 300 different subject areas for Ages 0-18. And, though at first blush the thought of parsing through the charts of interest might seem daunting, many users have confirmed that doing so is actually quite intuitive with just a little practice.

Even so, some people don't want to take time to dig into the charts for themselves and would prefer, instead, for someone else to it for them. And it is for those people that I have recently developed a paid product, THE HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM ROUTE-FINDER TOOL - a.k.a., The Route-Finder.

If you purchase The Route-Finder, I'll send you a link to a brief survey with questions related to the different columns on The Roadmap's charts. I'll then use your answers to personally study the relevant charts on The Roadmap and create a report for you, listing all the options that will likely best suit your kids' needs. I will also make myself available afterwards for further consultation.

Each report is unique - because each parent will have a different combination of survey answers. But take a look at a few samples, generated for real parents who were kind enough to beta-test the tool for me, to give you an idea of what to expect:

Seemingly similar tools do exist elsewhere and are sometimes available for free. But The Route-Finder is different from those products in at least three ways:
  1. Other tools are often sponsored by affiliate programs and will, thus, direct you to just a few favored options. But The Homeschool Resource Roadmap - the single most comprehensive listing of homeschool-related material around - is not fueled by affiliate income. Thus, I'll share with you every possible relevant resource, not just my personal preferences;
  2. I do not use a computer-generated algorithm. Instead, every report is unique, based on each individual's answers to the survey questions. I take as much time as necessary to study The Roadmap charts and write a customized report for each client;
  3. I'm not offering The Route-Finder to collect email addresses for product promotion. While I do have plans to write at least one book - likely in the near future - I won't use your email to try to sell you anything else. The Route-Finder is a stand-alone paid product, not a marketing tool.
I've done beta-testing with over 50 people - new and veteran homeschoolers alike - and have received valuable feedback and favorable reviews. Among the most insightful of comments was one from a mom who said that The Route-Finder both expanded and narrowed her options, all at the same time. She said it enabled her to learn of several resource companies of which she'd never heard before - thus expanding her view - but simultaneously helped her to hone in on options that most fit her kids' needs, narrowing her search in a very valuable way.

Now, even as I believe that a worker is worthy of his wages (1 Timothy 5.18) and know that The Route-Finder is worth a lot in terms of the time and hassle it saves busy homeschooling parents - not to mention the fact that it will likely save its users lots of money in the long run by preventing the purchase of unhelpful curricula - I also know that most homeschoolers live with budgetary constraints.

Thus, I'm currently offering The Route-Finder at
a very reasonable introductory rate:

a one-time fee of just $19.99!

When you buy the tool, I will send you - using the email you provide with your purchase - a link to The Route-Finder survey, and I'll use the survey results to generate your customized report just as soon as possible. I'm a "one-woman show" so, if I receive a lot orders, that may take a few days, but I know you might feel under a time-crunch, so I'll do my very best to be prompt. You will receive my email address with your survey link, and/or you can contact me via The Roadmap if necessary, so you will be able to get a hold of me to check on the status of your report.

What do you think?
Would you like to see a rather extensive list of viable curricular options?
Do you want to save the time and hassle of searching The Roadmap yourself?
Would you like a veteran homeschool mom to do the digging for you?

Then click here to purchase

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