About the Author

My name is Tina Hollenbeck, and I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Messiah. My college sweetheart husband and I are raising two beautiful teen daughters and have another - lost in 1998 to a second trimester miscarriage - waiting for us in Heaven.
We have educated our daughters at home from the beginning - i.e., from the moment each was born. We view home learning as a holistic endeavor, encompassing all things spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational in addition to the intellectual (academic). I find great joy in mentoring parents who take the step of faith onto the homeschooling path, confident that any diligent parent can find success as a home educator. 

In addition to my roles as wife and mother, I own
The Homeschool Resource Roadmap and The N.E.W. Scoop, moderate The Christian Homeschool Oasis, volunteer for my local homeschool association, and write for Celebrate Kids. Additionally, I enjoy speaking to large and small groups about parenting and home education-related matters. 

In my free time - such as it is! - I enjoy coffee dates with dear friends and working out, and I aim to keep caught up on scrapbooking so I can meet my goal of creating one book a year for each of my daughters from birth through their high school graduations. My family attends and actively participates in the life of a solid Bible-believing church, where I serve as a vocalist on our worship team.

Our family is also owned by four quirky cats, a characterization that any cat person immediately understands.

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