April 3, 2019

The Homeschool Experiment

Have you recently launched into the adventure of homeschooling? Are you a homeschool veteran who enjoys reading positive portrayals of your lifestyle choice? Or, on the other hand, are you looking for a great gift for a friend or relative who homeschools? If so, I highly recommend The Homeschool Experiment: A Novel, published in 2012 by Charity Hawkins.

Experiment is not a how-to book. And, as a young mom with very young children, the protagonist's specific situation won't match every reader's current season of life. Instead, this book is a fictionalized account of one new homeschool mom's first year "in the trenches." But, in its short chapters - which address everything from homeschool conventions to doubting family members and meltdowns (by both kids and mom!) - any real-life, Christian homeschool mom will find nuggets of truth, good ideas, and sage advice, along with encouragement to persevere in the worthy calling to educate one's own children. Even as an experienced homeschooler, I gained valuable insight from every chapter both times I read it. And all 24 women in the two book clubs I ran using Experiment as its study guide for the year - whether newbies or women with years of experience - found it equally as enjoyable.

The book's appendix contains study questions and memory verses that can be used for individual reflection or group discussion, as well as a list of recommended resources. And this is also just a good "fun read." The writing flows nicely - members of my book clubs and I all found ourselves wanting to read several chapters in one sitting - and it's both amusing and touching. As a result, it's a very beneficial book on many levels.

NOTE: This endorsement is not written for affiliate purposes. I have no connection to Charity Hawkins and am receiving no benefit or perk of any kind; I even purchased my own copy of the book. I share simply because I think it's a positive resource.

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